Founded by local drone racing community racer Zakariah Martin-Taylor. X Class Australia holds regular events in conjunction with Townsville FPVR and are the hosts to the Australian XCLASS Opens. 

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United Kingdom

The UK X Class chapter was founded by Martin Rye (Fossil) and Tony Marchant (Tonstar 1). Martin is the team manager and Tony is the team pilot. Fossil does fly, but prefers to design and build the frames for his small company Fossils Stuff. Fossils Stuff supplies the Thor frame which is a true X 800mm X Class frame, as well as other smaller 5” and 7” frames. The UK has only 4 or 5 X Class pilots that we are aware of, so X Class is still in it’s infancy in the UK. Planning for the Worlds has already begun with a couple of possible venues being discussed. For more information and up to date news please visit UK Giant Drone Racing League on Facebook.

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From the Capital of Canada comes X Class Drone Racing. Founded by Ian Murchison, 2020 World X Class Champion, and the Ottawa FPV Riders group, we host regular points series racing and events. We are also home to the Canadian National races and host pilots from around the world.

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Pacific Northwest - USA

Founded by local drone racing community racer Aaron Huss.

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Midwest - USA

Founded by local drone racing community racer Greg Heinen.

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San Francisco Bay Area - USA

Founded by local drone racing community racers Timofey Germanov and Jonathan Gaiser .

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X Class welcomes giant drone racing enthusiasts around the world who want to run their own giant drone races to join our community as chapters. Our requirements for chapters can be boiled down to:

  1. Use our rules (at a minimum) at racing events for safety and consistency.

  2. Never operate the aircraft in a reckless manner.

  3. Be an AMA Sanctioned Club/Chapter with all chapter members AMA members in good standing, or the local equivalent if outside the U.S.

  4. Consistently and responsibly use our logo and brand and, where possible, identify your chapter as an affiliate of X Class Drone Racing.

Use of the X Class Drone Racing logo, brand, or identity without permission or official chapter affiliation is prohibited.

Some of the things we provide to our chapters include:

  1. Promotion of your chapter and events via the X Class website and X Class social media outlets.

  2. A chapter page on the X Class website with links and information for your chapter.

  3. Access to our full body of rules and regulations.

  4. Help and general guidance on running giant drone races from the core X Class team.