2021 World Championships Registration Ticket

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Due to Covid and travel restrictions the 2021 X CLASS world championships are being held as a Time Trial event!

How it works

The track designed by Ian Murchison will be setup by each country's chapter, they will use the layout down to the inch. The event will be held on the 16th of October 2021. Each competitor will conduct a time trial for their best 5 consecutive laps.
Those lap times will then be sent to the XCLASS committee in the U.S with the placings announced a couple days after everyone has done there event.
You will be competing for the title of the 2021 X Class world Champion, trophies and some other prizes that are yet to be announced.
Only pilots who have purchased the 2021 World Championships Registration Ticket scores will be counted as official entries. 
When placing your order please include the following in the notes of the order 
  • Pilot Handle
  • Home Chapter
  • AMA/MAAA or equivalent membership number
If you wish to hold an event please contact us here